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Protect your motorcycle

Huuuuuh!! Finally, I had a chance to update my blog, because previously I am very busy with things at my place of work .. My post this time, about Protect your motorcycle or how to protect your bike from the things that are notunexpected, like a burglar, rain, and accidents. It does not happen often, but what's the harm if I explain this, we take an example: an accident, we must be aware of the things thatresult in us falling off the bike / crash, because it can lead to death
Do not talk much anymore, we go directly to the main topic is about Protect the motorcycle, the following explanation :
1). Thief
You may be wondering, how to protect your bike from thieves? indeed this is already a lot of people who know how, but I am here just to remind it of it. how very much, as long as youcan turn your brain to get ideas for protecting your bike, here are some how :
   -Parking in the safe place >> if you want to put your bike in places such as shopping malls, small stores / large, a friend's house, and as well as their own homes.,  must be in place that can be reached by our eyes, it means we have to parking in a place close to us and can be in watchlist the excistence of our motorcycle. if you parking in the shopping center, on-site parking must be guarded by trusted valet or close to theshopping center guard post.
   -Use the additional keys >> Recommended to use the additional keys on your bike, extra keys are used in addition to the keylock manufacturers, such as the padlock that has a code and do not have the security code.These additional keys can be used on front disc brakes, rear disc brakes and chains, the way iron padlock holes inserted between the brake discs or chains. (this can slow the thief to run the motor).
   -Use anti-theft alarm >> everyone would know how to work this alarm .. This may sound an alarm whenever anyoneapproached your bike out and touching, the distance between 20-30cm.
   -Prayer >> last is to pray, bring yourself to god and ask god to protect the valuables of the devil andhuman disturbance .. in my opinion, better the devil disturbed than disturbed man,, why?? because human can touch and take your goods whenever.. hahaha :D

Well, maybe just this once I can explain, then I'll explain it again a few things you can do to protect your motorcycle, .. thank you and hopefully useful!!!!! Just wait for another news!!


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Automatic lock is a good idea to save bikes from thieves, nowadays there are many censors and trackers has been introduce for car but nothing new for bike riders so in this scenario automatic lock is a good option!!

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